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1. nodular

relating to or characterized by or having nodules

Example Sentences:
'Nodular vaginitis'

2. nodular, nodulated, noduled

having nodules or occurring in the form of nodules

Example Sentences:
'nodular ores'

WordNet Lexical Database for English. Princeton University. 2010.


see synonyms of nodular
a small knot, lump, or node
2. Also called: root nodule
any of the knoblike outgrowths on the roots of clover and many other legumes: contain bacteria involved in nitrogen fixation
3. anatomy
any small node or knoblike protuberance
a small rounded lump of rock or mineral substance, esp in a matrix of different rock material

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see synonyms of nodular
a small knot or irregular, rounded lump
2.  Anatomy
a small node
3.  Botany
a small knot or joint on a stem or root, esp. one containing nitrogen-fixing bacteria
4.  Geology
a small, hard lump or mass of a mineral or rock that is embedded in a larger rock
a usually small, roundish lump or mass of manganese, cobalt, etc. found on the floor of the sea or large lake

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see synonyms of nodular
1. A small knotlike protuberance.
2. Medicine A small, abnormal but usually benign mass of tissue, as on the thyroid gland, in the lung, or under the skin.
3. Botany A small knoblike outgrowth, especially one on the roots of a leguminous plant that contains bacteria that fix nitrogen.
4. Mineralogy A small rounded lump of a mineral or mixture of minerals, usually harder than the surrounding rock or sediment.

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