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1. nerves, nervousness

an uneasy psychological state

Example Sentences:
'he suffered an attack of nerves'

2. nerves

control of your emotions

Example Sentences:
'this kind of tension is not good for my nerves'

WordNet Lexical Database for English. Princeton University. 2010.


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plural noun informal
the imagined source of emotional control
my nerves won't stand it
anxiety, tension, or imbalance
she's all nerves
3.  bundle of nerves
4.  get on one's nerves

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see synonyms of nerves
1. Any of the cordlike bundles of fibers made up of neurons through which sensory stimuli and motor impulses pass between the brain or other parts of the central nervous system and the eyes, glands, muscles, and other parts of the body. Nerves form a network of pathways for conducting information throughout the body.
2. The sensitive tissue in the pulp of a tooth.
3. A sore point or sensitive subject: The criticism touched a nerve.
a. Courage and control under pressure: lost his nerve at the last minute.
b. Fortitude; stamina.
c. Forceful quality; boldness.
d. Brazen boldness; effrontery: had the nerve to deny it.
5. nerves Nervous agitation caused by fear, anxiety, or stress: had a sudden attack of nerves.
6. A vein or rib in the wing of an insect.
7. The midrib and larger veins in a leaf.
tr.v. nerved, nerv·ing, nerves
To give strength or courage to.

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