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1. midrash

(Judaism) an ancient commentary on part of the Hebrew scriptures that is based on Jewish methods of interpretation and attached to the biblical text

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nounWord forms: plural midrashim (mɪˈdrɔʃɪm , Hebrew midraˈʃim) Judaism
a homily on a scriptural passage derived by traditional Jewish exegetical methods and consisting usually of embellishment of the scriptural narrative
one of a number of collections of such homilies composed between 400 and 1200 ad

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nounWord forms: plural midˈrashim (mɪdˈrɑʃɪm ; midräˈshim) or midˈrashoth (mɪdˈrɑʃoʊt ; midräˈshōt)
any of the rabbinical commentaries and explanatory notes on the Scriptures, written between the beginning of the Exile and c. a.d. 1200

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n. pl. Mid·rash·im (mĭd-rôshĭm, mĭdrä-shēm)
Any of a group of Jewish commentaries on the Hebrew Scriptures compiled between AD 200 and 1200 and based on exegesis, parable, and haggadic legend.

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