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Define Maneuverability in English

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Meaning of Maneuverability in English

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1. maneuverability, manoeuvrability

the quality of being maneuverable

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see synonyms of maneuverability
noun, verb
the usual US spelling of manoeuvre

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see synonyms of maneuverability
a planned and controlled tactical or strategic movement of troops, warships, aircraft, etc.
2.  [pl.]
large-scale practice movements and exercises of troops, warships, aircraft, etc. under simulated combat conditions
any skillful change of movement or direction in driving a vehicle, controlling a spacecraft, etc.
; specif.,
any change of movement by a flying aircraft
a series of movements by an aircraft according to a specific pattern, as a roll, a loop, etc.
any movement or procedure intended as a skillful or shrewd step toward some objective; stratagem; artifice; scheme
verb intransitive, verb transitive
to perform or cause to perform a maneuver or maneuvers
to manage or plan skillfully or shrewdly; manipulate or scheme
to direct or guide (a vehicle, tool, etc.) with skill and dexterity
to move, lead, get, put, make, compel, etc. (a person or thing) by some stratagem or scheme

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see synonyms of maneuverability
a. A movement or combination of movements involving skill and dexterity: a gymnastics maneuver.
b. A controlled change in movement or direction of a moving vehicle or vessel, as in the flight path of an aircraft.
a. A strategic or tactical military or naval movement.
b. often maneuvers A large-scale tactical exercise carried out under simulated conditions of war.
a. A skillful or cunning action undertaken to gain an end: "the canny maneuvers of a man after money and ease" (Cynthia Ozick). See Synonyms at wile.
b. The undertaking of such actions: "a skilled diplomat's eye for maneuver" (Garry Wills).
v. ma·neu·vered, ma·neu·ver·ing, ma·neu·vers
1. To make a controlled series of changes in movement or direction toward an objective: maneuvered to get closer to the stage.
2. To carry out a military or naval maneuver.
3. To act with skill or cunning in gaining an end: The opposition maneuvered to force a vote.
1. To move or direct through a series of movements or changes in course: maneuvered the drill into position; maneuvered the car through traffic.
2. To alter the tactical placement of (troops or warships).
3. To manipulate into a desired position or toward a predetermined goal: maneuvered him into signing the contract.

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