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Lace Into

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1. lace into, lam into, lay into, pitch into, tear into

hit violently, as in an attack

WordNet Lexical Database for English. Princeton University. 2010.

Lace Into

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(intr, preposition)
to attack violently, either verbally or physically

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Lace Into

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v. laced, lac·ing, lac·es
1. To thread a cord through the eyelets or around the hooks of.
a. To draw together and tie the laces of.
b. To restrain or constrict by tightening laces, especially of a corset.
3. To pull or pass through; intertwine: lace garlands through a trellis.
4. To trim or decorate with or as if with lace.
a. To add a touch of flavor to: "today's chefs love to lace their goods with lively, pronounced flavors" (David Rosengarten).
b. To add a substance, especially an intoxicant or narcotic, to: laced the eggnog with rum and brandy.
c. To add or intersperse with something in order to produce a certain effect: "Quacks now lace their pitch with scientific terms that may sound authentic to the uninformed" (Jane E. Brody).
6. To streak with color.
7. To give a beating to; thrash: laced his opponent in the second round.
To be fastened or tied with laces or a lace.
1. A cord or ribbon used to draw and tie together two opposite edges, as of a shoe.
2. A delicate fabric made of yarn or thread in an open weblike pattern. Also called lacework.
3. Gold or silver braid ornamenting an officer's uniform.

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