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Kick About pronunciation in English

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Kick About

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1. kick about, kick around, knock about

be around; be alive or active

Example Sentences:
'Does the old man still kick around?'

WordNet Lexical Database for English. Princeton University. 2010.

Kick About

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verb (mainly adverb) informal
1. (transitive)
to treat harshly
2. (transitive)
to discuss (ideas, etc) informally
3. (intransitive)
to wander aimlessly
4. (intransitive)
to lie neglected or forgotten
5. (intr; also preposition)
to be present in (some place)
noun kickabout, kickaround
an informal game of soccer

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Kick About

see synonyms of kick about
v. kicked, kick·ing, kicks
1. To extend the leg away from the body; strike out with the foot or feet.
2. Sports
a. To score or gain ground by kicking a ball.
b. To punt in football.
c. To propel the body in swimming by moving the legs, as with a flutter kick or frog kick.
3. To recoil: The powerful rifle kicked upon being fired.
4. Informal
a. To express negative feelings vigorously; complain.
b. To oppose by argument; protest.
1. To strike with the foot: kicked the wall in frustration.
2. To propel by striking with the foot: kick a ball.
3. To spring back against suddenly: The rifle kicked my shoulder when I fired it.
4. Sports To score (a goal or point) by kicking a ball.
a. A vigorous blow with the foot.
b. Sports The motion of the legs that propels the body in swimming.
2. Any of various moves in dance in which the leg is extended from the body.
3. A jolting recoil: a rifle with a heavy kick.
4. Slang A complaint; a protest.
5. Slang Power; force: a car engine with a lot of kick.
6. Slang
a. A feeling of pleasurable stimulation: got a kick out of the show.
b. kicks Fun: went bowling just for kicks.
7. Slang Temporary, often obsessive interest: I'm on a science fiction kick.
8. Slang A sudden, striking surprise; a twist.
9. kicks Slang Shoes.
10. Sports
a. The act or an instance of kicking a ball.
b. A kicked ball.
c. The distance spanned by a kicked ball.

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