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1. kansas, ks, sunflower state

a state in midwestern United States

2. kansa, kansas

a member of the Siouan people of the Kansas river valley in Kansas

3. kansas, kansas river, kaw river

a river in northeastern Kansas; flows eastward to become a tributary of the Missouri River

4. kansa, kansas

the Dhegiha dialect spoken by the Kansa

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a state of the central US: consists of undulating prairie, drained chiefly by the Arkansas, Kansas, and Missouri Rivers; mainly agricultural. Capital: Topeka. Pop: 2 723 507 (2003 est). Area: 213 096 sq km (82 277 sq miles)
. Abbreviation: Kan, Kans or ()in with zip code KS

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Midwestern state of the NC U.S.: admitted, 1861; 81,815 sq mi (211,900 sq km); pop. 2,688,000; cap. Topeka
abbrev. KS or Kans
river in NE Kans., flowing east into the Missouri at Kansas City: c. 170 mi (274 km)

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A plural of Kansa.
A state of the central United States. It was admitted as the 34th state in 1861. Organized as a territory by the Kansas-Nebraska Act of 1854, it became a virtual battleground, known as Bleeding Kansas, for free and slave factions (1854-1859). Kansas was finally admitted as a free state. Topeka is the capital and Wichita the largest city.
n. pl. Kansa or Kan·sas also Kanza or Kan·zas
1. A member of a Native American people formerly inhabiting eastern and central Kansas, with a present-day population in eastern Oklahoma.
2. The Siouan language of the Kansa. In both senses also called Kaw.

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