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1. eyra, felis yagouaroundi, jaguarondi, jaguarundi, jaguarundi cat

long-bodied long-tailed tropical American wildcat

WordNet Lexical Database for English. Princeton University. 2010.


see synonyms of jaguarondi
noun plural -dis
a feline mammal, Felis yagouaroundi, of Central and South America, with a reddish or grey coat, short legs, and a long tail
See also eyra

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see synonyms of jaguarondi
n. pl. jag·ua·run·dis also jag·ua·ron·dis
A long-tailed, grayish-brown or reddish wildcat (Puma yagouaroundi) of southern North America and Central and South America. The jaguarundi is sometimes classified in the genus Felis or Herpailurus.

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