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1. jacquard, joseph m. jacquard, joseph marie jacquard

French inventor of the Jacquard loom that could automatically weave complicated patterns (1752-1834)

2. jacquard

a highly figured fabric woven on a Jacquard loom

3. jacquard, jacquard loom

a loom with an attachment for forming openings for the passage of the shuttle between the warp threads; used in weaving figured fabrics

WordNet Lexical Database for English. Princeton University. 2010.


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1. Also called: Jacquard weave
a fabric in which the design is incorporated into the weave instead of being printed or dyed on
2. Also called: Jacquard loom
the loom that produces this fabric

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a loom with an endless belt of cards punched with holes arranged to produce a figured weave
: also Jacquard loom
the distinctive mechanism of this loom
the weave made
: also Jacquard weave
b.  [usuallyj-]
a fabric with such a weave

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see synonyms of jacquard
1. A fabric with an intricately woven pattern.
2. A special loom or the method employed in the weaving of a figured fabric.
French inventor of the jacquard loom (1801), the first automatic loom able to weave complex patterns.

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