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see synonyms of intonate

1. intonate, intone

speak carefully, as with rising and falling pitch or in a particular tone

Example Sentences:
'please intonate with sadness'

2. cantillate, chant, intonate, intone

recite with musical intonation; recite as a chant or a psalm

Example Sentences:
'The rabbi chanted a prayer'

Based on WordNet 3.0, Princeton University


see synonyms of intonate
verb (transitive)
to pronounce or articulate (continuous connected speech) with a characteristic rise and fall of the voice
2.  a less common word for intone

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see synonyms of intonate
verb transitiveWord forms: ˈintoˌnated or ˈintoˌnating

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see synonyms of intonate
tr.v. in·to·nat·ed, in·to·nat·ing, in·to·nates
1. To intone.
2. To utter with a particular tone of voice: pleas that were intonated with desperation.

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