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1. imagery, imagination, imaging, mental imagery

the ability to form mental images of things or events

Example Sentences:
'he could still hear her in his imagination'

WordNet Lexical Database for English. Princeton University. 2010.


see synonyms of imagery
noun plural -ries
figurative or descriptive language in a literary work
images collectively
3. psychology
the materials or general processes of the imagination
the characteristic kind of mental images formed by a particular individual
See also image (sense 7), imagination (sense 1)
4. military
the presentation of objects reproduced photographically (by infrared or electronic means) as prints or electronic displays

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nounWord forms: plural ˈimageries
1.  Rare
images generally; esp., statues
mental images, as produced by memory or imagination
descriptions and figures of speech

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see synonyms of imagery
n. pl. im·age·ries
1. A set of mental pictures or images.
a. The use of vivid or figurative language to represent objects, actions, or ideas.
b. The use of expressive or evocative images in art, literature, or music.
c. A group or body of related images, as in a painting or poem.
a. Representative images, particularly statues or icons.
b. The art of making such images.
4. Psychology A technique in behavior therapy in which the patient uses pleasant fantasies to relax and counteract anxiety.

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