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1. image, mental image

an iconic mental representation

Example Sentences:
'her imagination forced images upon her too awful to contemplate'

2. image, persona

(Jungian psychology) a personal facade that one presents to the world

Example Sentences:
'a public image is as fragile as Humpty Dumpty'

3. icon, ikon, image, picture

a visual representation (of an object or scene or person or abstraction) produced on a surface

Example Sentences:
'they showed us the pictures of their wedding'
'a movie is a series of images projected so rapidly that the eye integrates them'

4. epitome, image, paradigm, prototype

a standard or typical example

Example Sentences:
'he is the prototype of good breeding'
'he provided America with an image of the good father'

5. figure, figure of speech, image, trope

language used in a figurative or nonliteral sense

6. double, image, look-alike

someone who closely resembles a famous person (especially an actor)

Example Sentences:
'he could be Gingrich's double'
'she's the very image of her mother'

7. image, range, range of a function

(mathematics) the set of values of the dependent variable for which a function is defined

Example Sentences:
'the image of f(x) = x^2 is the set of all non-negative real numbers if the domain of the function is the set of all real numbers'

8. image

the general impression that something (a person or organization or product) presents to the public

Example Sentences:
'although her popular image was contrived it served to inspire music and pageantry'
'the company tried to project an altruistic image'

9. effigy, image, simulacrum

a representation of a person (especially in the form of sculpture)

Example Sentences:
'the coin bears an effigy of Lincoln'
'the emperor's tomb had his image carved in stone'


10. image

render visible, as by means of MRI

11. envision, fancy, figure, image, picture, project, see, visualise, visualize

imagine; conceive of; see in one's mind

Example Sentences:
'I can't see him on horseback!'
'I can see what will happen'
'I can see a risk in this strategy'

WordNet Lexical Database for English. Princeton University. 2010.


see synonyms of image
a representation or likeness of a person or thing, esp in sculpture
an optically formed reproduction of an object, such as one formed by a lens or mirror
a person or thing that resembles another closely; double or copy
a mental representation or picture; idea produced by the imagination
the personality presented to the public by a person, organization, etc
a criminal charge is not good for a politician's image
See also corporate image
the pattern of light that is focused on to the retina of the eye
7. psychology
the mental experience of something that is not immediately present to the senses, often involving memory
See also imagery, body image, hypnagogic image
a personification of a specified quality; epitome
the image of good breeding
a mental picture or association of ideas evoked in a literary work, esp in poetry
a figure of speech, such as a simile or metaphor
11. mathematics
(of a point) the value of a function, f(x), corresponding to the point x
the range of a function
12.  an obsolete word for apparition
verb (transitive)
to picture in the mind; imagine
to make or reflect an image of
15. computing
to project or display on a screen or visual display unit
to portray or describe
to be an example or epitome of; typify

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see synonyms of image
an imitation or representation of a person or thing, drawn, painted, photographed, etc.; esp., a statue
a sculptured figure used as an idol
the visual impression of something produced by reflection from a mirror, refraction through a lens, etc.
a person or thing very much like another; copy; counterpart; likeness
a mental picture of something; conception; idea; impression
b.  US
the concept of a person, product, institution, etc. held by the general public, often one deliberately created or modified by publicity, advertising, propaganda, etc.
a type; typical example; symbol; embodiment
the very image of laziness
a vivid representation; graphic description
a drama that is the image of life
a figure of speech; esp., a metaphor or simile
8.  Psychoanalysis
a picture or likeness of a person, as of a parent, usually idealized, constructed in the unconscious and remaining there; imago
verb transitiveWord forms: ˈimaged or ˈimaging
to make a representation or imitation of; portray, delineate, etc.
to reflect; mirror
to picture in the mind; imagine
to be a symbol or type of
to describe graphically, vividly, or with figures of speech

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see synonyms of image
a. A representation of the form of a person or object, such as a painting or photograph.
b. A sculptured likeness.
2. Physics An optically formed duplicate, counterpart, or other representative reproduction of an object, especially an optical reproduction formed by a lens or mirror.
a. One that closely or exactly resembles another: He is the image of his uncle.
b. Likeness; semblance: Genesis says that man was made in the image of God.
a. The opinion or concept of something that is held by the public: the public's image of business leaders as greedy.
b. The concept or character projected to the public, as by a person or institution, especially as interpreted by the mass media: an actor who tried to convey an image of refined beauty.
5. A typical example or embodiment: That child is the image of good health.
6. A mental picture of something not real or present: Our image of the cottage did not conform with reality.
7. A vivid description or representation in words, especially a metaphor or simile: The poem uses the image of a barren tree to convey feelings of desolation.
8. Mathematics A set of values of a function corresponding to a particular subset of a domain.
9. Computers An exact replica of the contents of a storage device, such as a hard disk, stored on a second storage device, such as a network server.
10. Obsolete An apparition.
tr.v. im·aged, im·ag·ing, im·ag·es
a. To make or produce a likeness of: imaged the poet in bronze.
b. To mirror or reflect: a statue imaged in the water.
c. To make a visual representation of (an object) using remote scanning or technology such as magnetic resonance imaging: imaged the diseased kidneys; imaged the surface of Mars.
2. To symbolize or typify: a kneeling woman imaging the nation's grief.
3. To picture mentally; imagine or visualize: imaged each dive before doing it.
4. To describe, especially so vividly as to evoke a mental picture: The passage images what it's like to grow up poor.
5. Computers
a. To print (a file) using a laser printer, imagesetter, direct-to-plate press, or similar device.
b. To transmit (an exact replica of the contents of a storage device) to another storage device: imaged the hard drive to the server.

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