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1. iceland, republic of iceland

an island republic on the island of Iceland; became independent of Denmark in 1944

2. iceland

a volcanic island in the North Atlantic near the Arctic Circle

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see synonyms of iceland
an island republic in the N Atlantic, regarded as part of Europe: settled by Norsemen, who established a legislative assembly in 930; under Danish rule (1380–1918); gained independence in 1918 and became a republic in 1944; contains large areas of glaciers, snowfields, and lava beds with many volcanoes and hot springs (the chief source of domestic heat); inhabited chiefly along the SW coast. The economy is based largely on fishing and tourism. Official language: Icelandic. Official religion: Evangelical Lutheran. Currency: króna. Capital: Reykjavik. Pop: 335 025 (2017 est). Area: 102 828 sq km (39 702 sq miles)

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see synonyms of iceland
island in the North Atlantic, southeast of Greenland
country including this island & a few small nearby islands: settled by Norwegians in 9th cent. a.d.; united with Norway (1262), with Denmark (1380); became an independent kingdom with a common sovereign with Denmark (1918), and an independent republic (1944): 39,758 sq mi (102,973 sq km); pop. 229,000; cap. Reykjavik

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see synonyms of iceland
An island country in the North Atlantic near the Arctic Circle. Norse settlers arrived c. 850-875, and Christianity was introduced c. 1000. Iceland passed to Norway in 1262 and, with Norway, to Denmark in 1380. In 1918 it became a sovereign state still nominally under the Danish king, until Icelanders voted for full independence in 1944. Reykjavík is the capital and the largest city.

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