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1. hunkpapa

a member of the Siouan people who constituted a division of the Teton Sioux and who formerly lived in the western Dakotas; they were prominent in resisting the white encroachment into the northern Great Plains

2. hunkpapa

a Siouan language spoken by the Hunkpapa

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nounWord forms: plural ˈHunkˌpapas or ˈHunkˌpapa
a member of a North American Indian people that is a subgroup of the Tetons

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see synonyms of hunkpapa
n. pl. Hunkpapa or Hunk·pa·pas
A member of a Native American people constituting a subdivision of the Lakota, formerly inhabiting an area from the western Dakotas to southeast Montana, with a present-day population along the border between North and South Dakota. The Hunkpapa figured prominently in the resistance to white encroachment on the northern Great Plains.

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