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1. hawkish, militant, warlike

disposed to warfare or hard-line policies

Example Sentences:
'militant nations'
'hawkish congressman'
'warlike policies'

WordNet Lexical Database for English. Princeton University. 2010.


see synonyms of hawkish
favouring the use or display of force rather than diplomacy to achieve foreign-policy goals

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see synonyms of hawkish
1. Any of various birds of prey, especially of the genera Accipiter and Buteo in the family Accipitridae, characteristically having a short hooked bill and strong claws used for seizing.
2. Any of various similar birds of prey.
3. A person who preys on others; a shark.
a. One who demonstrates an actively aggressive or combative attitude, as in an argument.
b. A person who favors military force or action in order to carry out foreign policy.
intr.v. hawked, hawk·ing, hawks
1. To hunt with trained hawks.
2. To swoop and strike in the manner of a hawk: "It was fun to watch the scattered snail kites ... lifting and falling in the wind as they hawked across the shining grass and water" (Peter Matthiessen).

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