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Give Up pronunciation in English

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Give Up

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1. forego, forfeit, forgo, give up, throw overboard, waive

lose ( or lose the right to ( by some error, offense, or crime

Example Sentences:
'you've forfeited your right to name your successor'
'forfeited property'

2. abandon, give up

give up with the intent of never claiming again

Example Sentences:
'Abandon your life to God'
'She gave up her children to her ex-husband when she moved to Tahiti'
'We gave the drowning victim up for dead'

3. chuck up the sponge, drop by the wayside, drop out, fall by the wayside, give up, quit, throw in, throw in the towel

give up in the face of defeat of lacking hope; admit defeat

Example Sentences:
'In the second round, the challenger gave up'

4. cease, discontinue, give up, lay off, quit, stop

put an end to a state or an activity

Example Sentences:
'Quit teasing your little brother'

5. dispense with, give up, part with, spare

give up what is not strictly needed

Example Sentences:
'he asked if they could spare one of their horses to speed his journey'

6. free, give up, release, relinquish, resign

part with a possession or right

Example Sentences:
'I am relinquishing my bedroom to the long-term house guest'
'resign a claim to the throne'

7. give up, renounce, resign, vacate

leave (a job, post, or position) voluntarily

Example Sentences:
'She vacated the position when she got pregnant'
'The chairman resigned when he was found to have misappropriated funds'

8. cede, deliver, give up, surrender

relinquish possession or control over

Example Sentences:
'The squatters had to surrender the building after the police moved in'

9. give up, surrender

give up or agree to forgo to the power or possession of another

Example Sentences:
'The last Taleban fighters finally surrendered'

10. abandon, give up

stop maintaining or insisting on; of ideas or claims

Example Sentences:
'He abandoned the thought of asking for her hand in marriage'
'Both sides have to give up some claims in these negotiations'

11. allow, give up

allow the other (baseball) team to score

Example Sentences:
'give up a run'

12. give up, kick

stop consuming

Example Sentences:
'kick a habit'
'give up alcohol'

WordNet Lexical Database for English. Princeton University. 2010.

Give Up

see synonyms of give up
verb (adverb)
to abandon hope (for)
2. (transitive)
to renounce (an activity, belief, etc)
I have given up smoking
3. (transitive)
to relinquish or resign from
he gave up the presidency
4. (tr; usually reflexive)
to surrender
the escaped convict gave himself up
5. (transitive)
to reveal or disclose (information)
6. (intransitive)
to admit one's defeat or inability to do something
7. (tr; often passive or reflexive)
to devote completely (to)
she gave herself up to caring for the sick

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Give Up

see synonyms of give up
to hand over; turn over; surrender
to stop; cease
to admit failure and stop trying
to lose hope for; despair of
to sacrifice; devote wholly

Webster’s New World College Dictionary, 4th Edition. Copyright © 2010 by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. All rights reserved.

Give Up

see synonyms of give up
v. gave (gāv), giv·en (gĭvən), giv·ing, gives
1. To make a present of: We gave her flowers for her birthday.
2. To place in the hands of; pass: Give me the scissors.
a. To deliver in exchange or recompense; pay: gave five dollars for the book.
b. To let go for a price; sell: gave the used car away for two thousand dollars.
a. To administer: give him some cough medicine.
b. To convey by a physical action: gave me a punch in the nose.
c. To inflict as punishment: was given life imprisonment for the crime.
a. To bestow, especially officially; confer: The Bill of Rights gives us freedom of speech.
b. To accord or tender to another: Give him your confidence.
c. To put temporarily at the disposal of: gave them the cottage for a week.
d. To entrust to another, usually for a specified reason: gave me the keys for safekeeping.
e. To communicate, convey, or offer for conveyance: Give him my best wishes. Give us the latest news.
a. To endure the loss of; sacrifice: gave her son to the war; gave her life for her country.
b. To devote or apply completely: gives herself to her work.
c. To furnish or contribute: gave their time to help others.
d. To offer in good faith; pledge: Give me your word.
a. To allot as a portion or share.
b. To bestow (a name, for example).
c. To attribute (blame, for example) to someone; assign.
d. To award as due: gave us first prize.
8. To emit or utter: gave a groan; gave a muted response.
9. To submit for consideration, acceptance, or use: give an opinion; give an excuse.
a. To proffer to another: gave the toddler my hand.
b. To consent to engage (oneself) in sexual intercourse with another person.
a. To perform for an audience: give a recital.
b. To present to view: gave the sign to begin.
a. To offer as entertainment: give a dinner party.
b. To propose as a toast.
a. To be a source of; afford: His remark gave offense. Music gives her pleasure.
b. To cause to catch or be subject to (a disease or bodily condition): The draft gave me a cold.
c. To guide or direct, as by persuasion or behavior. Used with an infinitive phrase: You gave me to imagine you approved of my report.
a. To yield or produce: Cows give milk.
b. To bring forth or bear: trees that give fruit.
c. To produce as a result of calculation: 5 × 12 gives 60.
a. To manifest or show: gives promise of brilliance; gave evidence of tampering.
b. To carry out (a physical movement): give a wink; give a start.
16. To permit one to have or take: gave us an hour to finish.
17. To take an interest to the extent of: "My dear, I don't give a damn" (Margaret Mitchell).
1. To make gifts or donations: gives generously to charity.
a. To yield to physical force: The sail gave during the storm.
b. To collapse from force or pressure: The roof gave under the weight of the snow.
c. To yield to change: Both sides will have to give on some issues.
3. To afford access or a view; open: The doors give onto a terrace.
4. Slang To be in progress; happen: What gives?
1. Capacity or inclination to yield under pressure.
2. The quality or condition of resilience; springiness: "Fruits that have some give ... will have more juice than hard ones" (Elizabeth Schneider).

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