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1. gait, pace

the rate of moving (especially walking or running)

2. gait

a horse's manner of moving

3. gait

a person's manner of walking

WordNet Lexical Database for English. Princeton University. 2010.


see synonyms of gait
manner of walking or running; bearing
(used esp of horses and dogs) the pattern of footsteps at various speeds, as the walk, trot, canter, etc, each pattern being distinguished by a particular rhythm and footfall
3. (transitive)
to teach (a horse) a particular gait

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see synonyms of gait
manner of moving on foot; way of walking or running
any of the various foot movements of a horse, as a trot, pace, canter, or gallop
verb transitive
to train (a horse) to a particular gait or gaits
to lead (a dog) before the judges at a dog show so as to exhibit its gait, bearing, etc.

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see synonyms of gait
1. A particular way or manner of moving on foot: a person who ran with a clumsy, hobbling gait.
2. Any of the ways, such as a canter, trot, or walk, by which a horse can move by lifting the feet in different order or rhythm.
3. Rate or manner of proceeding: The project went forward at a steady gait.
tr.v. gait·ed, gait·ing, gaits
To train (a horse) in a particular gait or gaits.

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