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1. frying, sauteing

cooking in fat or oil in a pan or griddle

WordNet Lexical Database for English. Princeton University. 2010.


see synonyms of frying
the act of cooking or being cooked in fat, oil, etc, usually over direct heat
there was a smell of frying
(as modifier)
frying steak

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see synonyms of frying
v. fried (frīd), fry·ing, fries (frīz)
1. To cook over direct heat in hot oil or fat.
2. Slang To destroy (electronic circuitry) with excessive heat or current: "a power surge to the computer that fried a number of sensitive electronic components" (Erik Sandberg-Diment).
1. To be cooked in a pan over direct heat in hot oil or fat.
2. Slang To undergo execution in an electric chair.
n. pl. fries (frīz)
1. A french fry: ordered fries as a side dish.
2. A dish of a fried food.
3. A social gathering at which food is fried and eaten: a fish fry.

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