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1. fission

reproduction of some unicellular organisms by division of the cell into two more or less equal parts

2. fission, nuclear fission

a nuclear reaction in which a massive nucleus splits into smaller nuclei with the simultaneous release of energy

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see synonyms of fission
the act or process of splitting or breaking into parts
2. biology
a form of asexual reproduction in single-celled animals and plants involving a division into two or more equal parts that develop into new cells
3.  short for nuclear fission

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see synonyms of fission
a splitting apart; division into parts
nuclear fission
3.  Biology
a form of asexual reproduction, found in various simple plants and animals, in which the parent organism divides into two or more approximately equal parts, each becoming an independent individual
verb intransitive, verb transitive
to undergo or cause to undergo nuclear fission

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see synonyms of fission
1. The act or process of splitting into parts.
2. A nuclear reaction in which an atomic nucleus, especially a heavy nucleus, such as an isotope of uranium, splits into fragments, usually two fragments of comparable but unequal mass, and releases a few neutrons and about 100 million electron volts of energy. Nuclear fission may occur spontaneously or may be induced by the absorption of a neutron, which can initiate a nuclear chain reaction.
3. Biology An asexual reproductive process in which a unicellular organism divides into two or more independently maturing daughter cells.
v.fis·sioned, fis·sion·ing, fis·sions
To cause (an atom) to undergo fission.
To undergo fission.

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