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1. fag, faggot, fagot, fairy, nance, pansy, poof, poove, pouf, queen, queer

offensive term for an openly homosexual man

2. faggot, fagot

a bundle of sticks and branches bound together


3. faggot, fagot

ornament or join (fabric) by faggot stitch

Example Sentences:
'He fagotted the blouse for his wife'

4. faggot, fagot

fasten together rods of iron in order to heat or weld them

5. faggot, faggot up, fagot

bind or tie up in or as if in a faggot

Example Sentences:
'faggot up the sticks'

WordNet Lexical Database for English. Princeton University. 2010.


see synonyms of fagot
a bundle of sticks, twigs, or branches, esp. for use as fuel
2.  Metallurgy
a bundle or heap of iron or steel pieces to be worked into bars by hammering or rolling at welding temperature
verb transitive
to make into a fagot; form fagots of
4.  Sewing
to decorate with fagoting

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see synonyms of fagot
1. A bundle of twigs, sticks, or branches bound together.
2. A bundle of pieces of iron or steel to be welded or hammered into bars.
tr.v. fag·ot·ed, fag·ot·ing, fag·ots also fag·got·ed or fag·got·ing or fag·gots
1. To bind into a fagot; bundle.
2. To decorate with fagoting.

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