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1. applied scientist, engineer, technologist

a person who uses scientific knowledge to solve practical problems

2. engine driver, engineer, locomotive engineer, railroad engineer

the operator of a railway locomotive


3. engineer

design as an engineer

Example Sentences:
'He engineered the water supply project'

4. direct, engineer, mastermind, orchestrate, organise, organize

plan and direct (a complex undertaking)

Example Sentences:
'he masterminded the robbery'

WordNet Lexical Database for English. Princeton University. 2010.


see synonyms of engineer
a person trained in any branch of the profession of engineering
the originator or manager of a situation, system, etc
a mechanic; person who repairs or services machines
4. US and Canadian
the driver of a railway locomotive
an officer responsible for a ship's engines
6. Informal name: sapper
a member of the armed forces, esp the army, trained in engineering and construction work
verb (transitive)
to originate, cause, or plan in a clever or devious manner
he engineered the minister's downfall
to design, plan, or construct as a professional engineer

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see synonyms of engineer
1.  Rare
a person who makes engines
a person skilled or occupied in some branch of engineering
a mechanical engineer
a person who operates or supervises the operation of engines or technical equipment
a locomotive engineer, radio engineer
a specialist in planning and directing operations in some technical field
a skillful or clever manager
5.  Military
a member of a military engineering unit trained in the construction and demolition of bridges, roads, airfields, etc.
verb transitive
6.  US
to plan, construct, or manage as an engineer
7.  US
to plan and direct skillfully; superintend; guide (a measure, action, etc. through)

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see synonyms of engineer
1. One who is trained or professionally engaged in a branch of engineering.
2. One who operates an engine.
3. One who skillfully or shrewdly manages an enterprise.
tr.v. en·gi·neered, en·gi·neer·ing, en·gi·neers
1. To plan, construct, or manage as an engineer.
2. To alter or produce by methods of genetic engineering: bacteria that are genetically engineered to produce insulin.
3. To plan, manage, and bring about by skillful acts or contrivance: engineer a business takeover; engineer social changes by legislation.

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