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Dream Up

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1. concoct, dream up, hatch, think of, think up

devise or invent

Example Sentences:
'He thought up a plan to get rich quickly'
'no-one had ever thought of such a clever piece of software'

WordNet Lexical Database for English. Princeton University. 2010.

Dream Up

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(tr, adverb)
to invent by ingenuity and imagination
to dream up an excuse for leaving

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Dream Up

see synonyms of dream up
to conceive of or devise, as by giving free rein to the imagination

Webster’s New World College Dictionary, 4th Edition. Copyright © 2010 by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. All rights reserved.

Dream Up

see synonyms of dream up
1. A series of images, ideas, emotions, and sensations occurring involuntarily in the mind during certain stages of sleep.
2. A daydream; a reverie.
3. A state of abstraction; a trance: wandering around in a dream.
4. A condition or achievement that is longed for; an aspiration: a dream of owning their own business.
5. A wild fancy or unrealistic hope: He knew that playing for a professional team was only a dream.
6. Informal One that is exceptionally gratifying, excellent, or beautiful: Her boyfriend is a dream.
v. dreamed or dreamt (drĕmt), dream·ing, dreams
1. To experience a dream in sleep: dreamed of meeting an old friend.
2. To daydream: sat there dreaming during class.
3. To have a deep aspiration or hope: dreaming of a world at peace.
4. To regard something as feasible or practical: I wouldn't dream of skiing on icy slopes.
1. To experience a dream of while asleep: Did it storm last night, or did I dream it?
2. To conceive as possible; imagine: We never dreamed it would snow so much.
3. To have as an aspiration or hope: She dreams that she will become a pilot.
4. To pass (time) idly or in reverie.

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