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1. corresponding


Example Sentences:
'all rights carry with them corresponding responsibilities'

2. corresponding

similar especially in position or purpose

Example Sentences:
'a number of corresponding diagonal points'

3. comparable, corresponding, like

conforming in every respect

Example Sentences:
'boxes with corresponding dimensions'
'the like period of the preceding year'

WordNet Lexical Database for English. Princeton University. 2010.


see synonyms of corresponding
parallel; equivalent
March and April sales this year were up 8 per cent on the corresponding period in 1992.
the corresponding figures for last year
the inexorable rise in Britain's fortunes and the corresponding decline of France as an international power

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see synonyms of corresponding
1. Having the same or nearly the same relationship.
2. Accompanying another: a high corporate position and its corresponding problems.
a. Having been assigned the responsibility of written communications: a corresponding secretary.
b. Participating at a distance from the rest of a group: a corresponding member of the bar association.

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