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1. concluding, final, last, terminal

occurring at or forming an end or termination

Example Sentences:
'his concluding words came as a surprise'
'the final chapter'
'the last days of the dinosaurs'
'terminal leave'

WordNet Lexical Database for English. Princeton University. 2010.


see synonyms of concluding
In his concluding remarks, Kennedy makes suggestions for the future.
The concluding section provides some suggestions for using the library.
There is a concluding paragraph that ties up the essay.
the serial's concluding episode

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see synonyms of concluding
v. con·clud·ed, con·clud·ing, con·cludes
1. To bring to an end; close: concluded the rally with the national anthem. See Synonyms at complete.
2. To bring about (a final agreement or settlement): conclude a peace treaty.
3. To arrive at (a conclusion, judgment, or opinion) by the process of reasoning: The jury concluded that the defendant was innocent. See Synonyms at decide.
4. Obsolete To confine; enclose.
1. To come to an end; close: The show concluded with a dance routine.
2. To come to a decision or agreement: The committee concluded on a course of action.

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