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1. cattie, catty

any of various units of weight used in southeastern Asia (especially a Chinese measure equal to 500 grams)


2. bitchy, cattish, catty

marked by or arising from malice

Example Sentences:
'a catty remark'

WordNet Lexical Database for English. Princeton University. 2010.


see synonyms of catty
adjective -tier or -tiest
1. informal
a catty remark
of or resembling a cat
noun plural -ties
a unit of weight, used esp in E Asia, traditionally equal to about one and a half pounds but formalized as 0.5 kg in mainland China, 0.6 kg in Taiwan and Thailand, and about 0.605 kg in Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Singapore
. (Mandarin) Chinese name: jin

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see synonyms of catty
adjectiveWord forms: ˈcattier or ˈcattiest
of or like a cat
spiteful, mean, malicious, etc.
nounWord forms: plural ˈcatties
a unit of weight used in various countries of Southeast Asia: in China it is equal to 500 grams, or 1.102 lb, but elsewhere it is equal to about 112 lb (680 grams)

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see synonyms of catty
adj. cat·ti·er, cat·ti·est
1. Subtly cruel or malicious; spiteful: a catty remark.
2. Catlike; stealthy.
n. pl. cat·ties
Any of various units of weight used in Southeast Asia, especially a Chinese measure equal to 500 grams (approximately 1.1 pounds).

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