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Carefulness pronunciation in English

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see synonyms of carefulness


1. carefulness, caution, cautiousness

the trait of being cautious; being attentive to possible danger

Example Sentences:
'a man of caution'

2. carefulness

the quality of being careful and painstaking

Example Sentences:
'I admired the carefulness of his work'

WordNet Lexical Database for English. Princeton University. 2010.


see synonyms of carefulness
cautious in attitude or action; prudent
painstaking in one's work; thorough
he wrote very careful script
3. (usually postpositive; foll by of, in, or about)
solicitous; protective
careful of one's reputation
4. archaic
full of care; anxious
5. British
mean or miserly

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see synonyms of carefulness
acting or working in a thoughtful, painstaking way
cautious, wary, or guarded
a careful reply
accurately or thoroughly done or made; painstaking
a careful analysis
4.  Archaic
feeling or causing sorrow, worry, etc.; anxious

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see synonyms of carefulness
1. Attentive to potential danger, error, or harm; cautious: was careful when crossing the street; a careful answer.
2. Thorough and painstaking in action or execution; conscientious: a careful search; careful art restorers.
3. Protective; solicitous: Be careful of his feelings.
4. Full of cares or anxiety: "Thou art careful and troubled about many things" (Luke 10:41).

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