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1. bugginess

the state of having bugs

WordNet Lexical Database for English. Princeton University. 2010.


see synonyms of bugginess
noun plural -gies
a light horse-drawn carriage having either four wheels (esp in the US and Canada) or two wheels (esp in Britain and India)
2.  short for beach buggy
3.  short for Baby Buggy, baby carriage
a small motorized vehicle designed for a particular purpose
a golf buggy
a moon buggy
adjective -gier or -giest
infested with bugs
2. US slang
3. informal
(of a system or machine, esp a computer program) containing errors or faults

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see synonyms of bugginess
nounWord forms: plural ˈbuggies
a light carriage with four (or, in England, two) wheels and a single seat, usually drawn by one horse
2.  US
baby carriage
3.  Slang, Obsolete
an automobile, esp. an old one
adjectiveWord forms: ˈbuggier or ˈbuggiest
swarming or infested with bugs
2.  Slang
mentally ill; insane

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see synonyms of bugginess
adj. bug·gi·er, bug·gi·est
1. Infested with bugs.
2. Computers Having many software bugs: a buggy program.
3. Slang Crazy.

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