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1. bootlick, fawn, kotow, kowtow, suck up, toady, truckle

try to gain favor by cringing or flattering

Example Sentences:
'He is always kowtowing to his boss'

Based on WordNet 3.0, Princeton University


see synonyms of bootlick
to seek favour by servile or ingratiating behaviour towards (someone, esp someone in authority); toady

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see synonyms of bootlick
verb transitive, verb intransitive
to try to gain favor with (someone) by fawning, servility, etc.

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see synonyms of bootlick
tr. & intr.v. boot·licked, boot·lick·ing, boot·licks
To behave like a sycophant toward (someone) or behave like a sycophant. See Synonyms at fawn1.

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