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1. archaebacteria, archaebacterium, archaeobacteria, archeobacteria

considered ancient life forms that evolved separately from bacteria and blue-green algae

WordNet Lexical Database for English. Princeton University. 2010.


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plural noun singular -rium (-rɪəm)
(formerly) a group of microorganisms now regarded as members of the Archaea

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plural nounWord forms: singular ˌarchaebacˈterium (ˌɑrkibækˈtɪrəm ; ärˌkēbaktirˈəm) or ˌarchaebacˈteria
any of a large group of primitive bacteria having unusual cell walls, membrane lipids, ribosomes, and RNA sequences, and having the ability to produce methane and to live in anaerobic, extremely hot, salty, or acidic conditions; archaea

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n. pl. ar·chae·bac·te·ri·a

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